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A freelance model has advantages that will continue to push the market toward independent workers.



Graphic Design, or to the point, Marketing Design, is more than just designing at a bargain rate. Price doesn’t translate to success and it’s not about the money. It’s about the idea, persuading the audience and positioning your brand in the market. It’s about making a stand and having a distinct belief and vision. Ultimately, it’s this clear vision combined with follow through that will lead to brand success.

Start by clearly defining your business. Understanding the competition and market trends. Determine how your brand fits and how best to position it within these trends. This is the foundation from which all captivating design evolves. It’s this approach that guarantees a result sure to capture the attention of customers, business professionals and peers. The result is design that will positively impact your brand throughout time.


All businesses, no matter their size and no matter what they make or sell, should recognize the power and financial value of good design. Think about how immediate a design experience shapes our opinion of a particular brand, company or retailer — be it for better or worse. The impact of a properly branded image is that customers see quality brands as both innovative and customer focused. Thoughtful and innovative design instills a sense of pleasure, and it’s no surprise that when done right consumers and customers can be passionately brand loyal. When done wrong, with the aid of the Internet and social media, consumers and customers can instantly undermine a brand and share that experience with millions.


One of the biggest friction points for businesses is finding, screening, and hiring workers. Hiring freelance talent removes that friction. Freelance or contractual work allows you to hire the best person for the job. A freelance model means lower fixed costs for your business. A freelance model has advantages that will continue to push the market toward independent workers. In the past, companies didn’t always have a choice, but now you do.

Executives and business owners should recognize these changing times and make an effort to transform their humdrum designed product or service into something more distinctive, and ultimately more productive. Try to assess each element of your service or product and better it. See design not just as a marketing process but as a genuine source of competitive advantage, customer and employee satisfaction and, most importantly, a path to higher profits.

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